Memphis Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are struggling with the burden of unmanageable debt, bankruptcy may be the answer for you. Bankruptcy has allowed millions of people to obtain critical debt relief.

Bankruptcy may allow you to:

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce your debts
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Stop home foreclosure
  • Stop auto repossession
  • Obtain other debt relief

Get the fresh start you have been seeking. Contact me, attorney Steven F. Bilsky. I have been practicing in bankruptcy law for more than 30 years. I have helped thousands of clients obtain debt relief. I practice exclusively in bankruptcy law to provide each of my clients with highly skilled and knowledgeable representation.

My Bankruptcy Services

I represent clients in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge most forms of debt, including credit card debts, medical bills and other consumer debts.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can gain additional time to repay debts gradually through a 36- to 60-month debt repayment plan. All or a portion of your unsecured debts may be discharged as well. Many people use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop a home foreclosure because it enables them to pay back mortgage arrears gradually over the course of their Chapter 13 plan.

If you are struggling with debt and want to learn more about bankruptcy, I am pleased to offer a free consultation and case evaluation. To schedule your consultation, contact my law office in Memphis, Tennessee.

I can answer your questions about any debt problem you may be facing, including:

You do not have to face your debt problems alone. I am here to help. Put my experience to work for you.

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I serve clients throughout the Memphis metropolitan area. To schedule a free consultation with a Memphis bankruptcy lawyer, contact my law office at 901-236-0572 or 888-336-3691. You may also contact my office by email.

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